WolverineNation Roundtable

Mel Kiper believes Denard Robinson can be an NFL receiver, but it's the guy lifting him who has the brightest NFL future. Gregory Shamus/Getty Image

Every Thursday, Mike, Tom and Chantel discuss three pertinent issues in Michigan sports. But let's be serious, it feels like summer in Ann Arbor, so we decided to tackle some lighter questions this week. We'll look at the draft, some basketball tournaments, and give out a few mock election awards.

1. Of anyone on the Michigan football team during this past season (including those who were drafted in the 2012 draft), who do you see having the most successful NFL career?

Tom Van Haaren: I think Mike Martin is going to have a good NFL career, but as far as the most successful career I think it might be Taylor Lewan. He has the size and ability to be another good NFL player from Michigan. He's nasty, and big linemen don't grow on trees. Mel Kiper Jr. even has him going No. 12 overall in his most recent mock draft.

Michael Rothstein: Lewan, and it might not even be close. He has first-round potential, and linemen usually are able to stick around in the NFL much longer than position players. He's technically sound, fast for a tackle, and Mel Kiper Jr. has him as a first-round pick for 2013. While a few other players -- Blake Countess, Mike Martin, Joe Bolden and Michael Schofield -- might have long NFL careers, Lewan will have the longest and most productive if he stays healthy.

Chantel Jennings: No surprise here, but I'm going to go with Lewan. This might be the first time we've had a unanimous decision in the roundtable series, but with this one, it just seems like Lewan is the clear frontrunner. I like his play, his attitude. Mostly, I like how he has been able to elevate his game so much over the past two seasons.

2. You're playing in a 3-on-3 tournament and can pick any two teammates from the past decade of Michigan basketball, who do you pick? Remember, 3-on-3 isn't all about skill, there's the intimidation factor, the gritty factor. OK, yes, I guess it's a lot about skill.

MR: The past decade? Considering what I feel I do marginally well as opposed to not well -- defense, passing, hustle -- I'd say I'm taking Darius Morris and Ekpe Udoh. While Udoh wasn't used much at Michigan, he blew up when he got to Baylor and was drafted in the first round. He's a good defender, strong rebounder and has great size. Morris is a long point guard who can rebound as well as drive and dish. Most ball-handlers aren't going to have his length. I considered Daniel Horton, Courtney Sims, DeShawn Sims and Stu Douglass in here as well, but those two guys fit what I'm looking for better as a 3-on-3 GM. Let's face it, I'm probably just standing in the corner anyway and letting them go to work.

CJ: I'm going with Morris at point and Tim Hardaway Jr. on the wing. Yes, he had a bit of a down year this past season, but I think in the two-man game with Morris he'd thrive (especially with more space on the floor). I used to be a pretty decent shooter and given the chance, I'd love to try and take Tom or Mike off the dribble if we're playing in a WolverineNation tourney.

TV: Trey Burke so I never have to bring the ball up the court, and Brent Petway for the dunking and the dunking. I will just mainly be a decoy.

3. Think high school yearbook mock elections here. If you had to pick someone in the 2013 recruiting class (or top targets) for each of these "awards," who would you pick?


Most likely to succeed (at something other than football): Wyatt Shallman, in business. The kid already carries a briefcase around to his high school classes.

Most likely to organize the senior prank: Kyle Bosch. He's unassuming enough to know he'll get away with it, but I'm guessing he has a sneaky side.

Most likely to make Brady Hoke crack a smile: Shane Morris. How can he not smile around the player helping to put together one of the best 2013 recruiting classes in the country?

Most likely to start the dance party: Taco Charlton. He almost skipped the Nike Football Training Camp in Columbus so he wouldn’t miss any of his junior prom. Anyone who's that eager to go to prom is probably also a dancing fool.


Most likely to succeed (at something other than football): Morris. Dude is going to be a politician one day if he wants to be.

Most likely to organize the senior prank: Laquon Treadwell. While he's not a Michigan commit, he seems to have the most fun with the process on Twitter and likes to get a rise out of people.

Most likely to make Brady Hoke crack a smile: The next guy who commits.

Most likely to start the dance party: I have no idea. I'm going to go with Morris again as he seems like he's the leader.


Most likely to succeed (at something other than football): Morris, aka "The Senator," for obvious reasons.

Most likely to organize the senior prank: Khalid Hill. He just seems like likes a good prank.

Most likely to make Brady Hoke crack a smile: David Dawson. Hoke likes nasty trench play. He'll smile from Dawson's play.

Most likely to start the dance party: I'd have to go with Morris again, because he watches Glee and sings, "Call me maybe."