Your analysis of U-M all-time teams

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- We could have brought in an outsider to look at the teams drafted during Tuesday's Wolverines All-Time Draft and had them break them down. We could have also just done it ourselves.

Instead, we gave WolverineNation readers a chance to break down how each team fared and what you thought of them. Here is a sampling of those comments:


From tinnin24:

Great idea and piece on the all-time draft! With that said, I think Team TVH did have the strongest team out there, followed by Team Howard, Chantel, Mike and rounding out with Team Joppru.

Team Chris Howard

From consalus83:

Best -- Defensive steals abound. Love the Woodley, BG, Leon Hall, Gold and Dhani picks in general, but where he was taking some of these guys, unreal. Best defense of anyone. Worst -- Really needs a WR that will stretch the field with his two-TE set. Should have taken a Manningham or Breaston later in the draft.

From corybourn:

I just thought that his team was the most balanced both offensively and defensively, with VanHaaren having the best defense, but Howard the better offense.

Team VanHaaren

From TheJET84:

TVH hands down. He has my favorite player of all time (Anthony Thomas), the only Serb that I noticed on there, AND he has CHUCK #BOOM #HAJBAHDILLA #Championship #GameOver

From 07nrgree:

I also have to vote for Tom (though I think Chantel has a really close second-place finish). Between Woodson and the rest of his secondary, and a lights-out offense with Thomas, Carter and Manningham, I think he runs up the score quicker than anybody else. Also, how can you not pick a team with Gerald Ford on it in the beginning of July? #'Merica!

From timhoops3:

Team VanHaaren has the most complete team. His defense is outstanding. For some reason going in, I thought Team Jennings would end up being the best with her big board and color-coded method, but Tom definitely has a better team. Tom can go have some cake to celebrate after drafting that team!

Team Jennings

From sbukowski96:

Chantel got the steal of the draft -- first-team All-American in the 13th round. Rob Renes!

From mkirwin12@gmail.com:

She also has Tom Harmon. He is one player I wish I could have seen play. The stories about him are amazing. If he played during the social media frenzy that we have today, he might be known as the best to ever play college football.

From tcellis01:

I think it's tough to rip Chantel for Tom Harmon. Harmon at his time was probably the greatest football player in college, and maybe Michigan's all-time greatest. It's not fair to say "but that was 1940" because great players are great players, regardless of era. That's the same argument that gets used in basketball relating current players like LeBron to to the likes of Bill Russell. I mean, Harmon singlehandedly destroyed OSU back then -- didn't he have like 5 TDs and 3 INTs? And had punts averaging over 50 yards? I think if it weren't broken down by position, Chantel should have been able to use him as a punter and kicker (where he arguably could have been tops at both), and flex and have extra picks for depth at other places.

Team Rothstein

From mkirwin12@gmail.com:

The more I see your offense, the more I like it. The receiving corps of Howard, Terrell, Nelson and Robinson would be amazing, Plus, you have my two favorite tackles with Longand Dierdorf (he spoke in a class I took at U of M with John Bacon and moved up my list!) If only your defense was better, you would have my vote.

From consalus83:

Good strategy to wait until everyone else has taken a QB, then get one in your last round. Waited a little bit too long for Biakabutuka, though, as you took Butch just a few picks later.

Team Joppru

From consalus83:

Lots of good value on offense (Henne, Hart, Biakabutuka, Walker, Streets) and I can't find out too many bad picks on defense, either.

From bigIdagreat1 on Twitter:

Bennie and Tom have best draft, Bennie's is more balanced, though!