Coming Tuesday: All-time U-M fantasy draft

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- Have you ever considered what a team consisting of the best Michigan players taken from all eras might look like? Who would you choose if you could pick only one quarterback? Only two wide receivers?

The three WolverineNation staff members -- plus two special guests, former Michigan tight end Bennie Joppru and former Michigan running back Chris Howard -- each drafted a starting 22 (11 offensive players, 11 defensive players), along with one kicker and one punter.

All of the participants were instructed to pick for a 4-3 defense; the offensive line with two tackles, two guards and a center; one quarterback, one running back, one tight end, two wide receivers, and a "flex" position that could be a second running back, second tight end or third wide receiver.

This allowed for some offensive flexibility -- hello, offensive weapon Denard Robinson -- while not letting a team stack up on six running backs or four offensive tackles.

This obviously would lead to different strategies. Does someone believe Michigan is strong enough at quarterback that they'll wait until the end and pick among the quarterbacks not selected by the other four participants? What type of offense would you like to run? How do you deal with the old ironman-type players of Michigan's past, such as Tom Harmon, Bennie Oosterbaan and Ron Kramer? Where would you put them?

To be fair, we did a snake-order draft. That means at the end of the first round, teams went in reverse order for the next round. So the participant picking fifth also picked sixth to start the second round; the player who picked 10th to end the second round got to pick 11th to start the third round, and so on.

How would you draft? How did our general managers handle it? In a five-team draft with this structure, could a small run on players be a trigger for someone reaching for a pick, like in an actual fantasy football draft?

Our draft order went like this:

1. Former RB Chris Howard

2. Tom VanHaaren

3. Chantel Jennings

4. Michael Rothstein

5. Former TE Bennie Joppru

The full results of our draft, including team-by-team and position-by-position, will run on Tuesday, along with blogs from each of our participants on their strategies and how they felt about their teams. We also will ask you to vote in a poll in The Den for who had the best draft. Those results will run on Wednesday, along with a story on which 2014 commit could be a part of such a draft down the road.