WolverineNation Mailbag

It's difficult to project what would have happened to Michigan football if Rich Rodriguez had not been hired. Brady Hoke was at Ball State and was not a candidate back in 2007. AP Photo/Carlos Osorio

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- Football season begins this week with the opening of Michigan’s fall camp. In a month, the Wolverines will have their first game and all of the questions that have been asked over the past four months will have the beginnings of some resolution to them.

Some questions about football -- and a quick look into Michigan basketball -- populate this week’s Michigan mailbag, filled with your questions.

Let's get to them:

@jlustig22 from Twitter asks: At end of shot clock or end-of-game situations, will U-M have a player capable of taking over? Whose hands do you put the ball in?

jlustig, that is one of the questions I still think is an unknown for this team this season. The past three seasons have seen either the point guard (Darius Morris and then Trey Burke) or the off-guard (Tim Hardaway Jr.) with the ball at the end of games. Michigan’s first option, if he shows he can create his own shot, will likely be sophomore Glenn Robinson III. He is Michigan’s most versatile player and most talented guard or wing. If the Wolverines need a 3-pointer, though, the likely option is sophomore guard Nik Stauskas, who enters this season as Michigan’s best option from the outside. By the end of the season, though, it would not surprise me if freshman Zak Irvin started to receive some of those looks as well.

Dshman9 from The Den asks: As a Michigan fan, the Rich Rodriguez era is something hard to forget. The terrible seasons and a spread offense at Michigan are some things i hope to never see again for the maize and blue. That being said, where do you think the program would be had Brady Hoke been hired the first time around (when RR got the job) or if not Hoke, another traditional Michigan man (who would’ve kept things how Lloyd Carr had them going)? Would the success of Carr had continued? What type of program do you think we would be seeing today?

Dshman9, that’s an interesting question and everything with it is a giant hypothetical. At the time, I don’t believe Brady Hoke was really ready to become Michigan’s head coach. He had still not had the breakthrough season at Ball State -- his undefeated season came in 2008, Rodriguez’s first at Michigan -- and he would have not been paired up with offensive coordinator Al Borges yet. Also, the chances of bringing defensive coordinator Greg Mattison to Michigan at that point would have been lessened and without Mattison, Hoke doesn’t have the success he has had at Michigan. Also, Jim Harbaugh had just finished his first season at Stanford with a 4-8 record. So hiring him would have been a likely nonstarter. The most likely scenario in that case would have been exactly what happened, which was a run at Les Miles. After that, Michigan’s coaching tree to keep things the same was, well, kind of sparse.

Blue-III from The Den asks: George Campbell. Discuss.

Huge pickup for Michigan. Combined with the commitment of cornerback Jabrill Peppers, the Wolverines have shown the ability to bring in top talent -- top-10 talent -- from outside the Midwest. The ability to do that can not be understated when it comes to what Brady Hoke, Greg Mattison and the rest of the Michigan staff is trying to accomplish. Other recruits notice and it can only help. As far as Campbell’s actual talent, Shane Morris and Wilton Speight should be quite pleased as they will now have the possibility of Drake Harris, Moe Ways and George Campbell to throw to by 2015. That could be a good wide receiver corps.