Michigan roundtable

Freshman LB Joe Bolden, an early enrollee, is a player to keep an eye on in the spring game. Miller Safrit/ESPN.com

The Michigan spring scrimmage is Saturday, Trey Burke is back for another season in Ann Arbor, and the Wolverines picked up commitment No. 17 on Tuesday night.

Just another week around the Michigan program.

However, there are many topics to discuss as the final week before the two big Michigan sports -- football and men's basketball -- officially hit their offseasons.

1) Spring game is Saturday. The one thing you are most intrigued to see will be what?

Michael Rothstein: Whether Brandon Moore can actually play tight end well. This might seem odd considering some of the other holes Michigan has, but as the Wolverines slowly transition from a spread to pro style, the tight end becomes more important. And if Moore isn't successful, the position becomes a major void for Michigan and could change what the Wolverines are able to do in Al Borges' offense.

Chantel Jennings: It'll be interesting to see how much Denard Robinson's throwing has progressed since the end of the season. Borges-coached quarterbacks have been known to make significant improvement between their first and second seasons and since so much of the offense's success depends on how well Robinson throws the ball next year, it'll be good to see where he's at now. Obviously, Robinson has an entire offseason to work on the mechanics and vision and accuracy, but checking in on him now should give fans an idea of how much has happened since January. If we know how much has happened since then, we can get a good idea of how much can happen before September.

Tom VanHaaren: What the defense will look like. Losing Mike Martin and Ryan Van Bergen up front and having a few spots up in the air I want to see what the first team looks like and how well the guys mesh. I know it's going to be really difficult to take anything away from this "practice," but I would at least like to see how some of the younger players look. Guys such as linebacker Joe Bolden and safety Jarrod Wilson, defensive ends Frank Clark and Brennen Beyer. I'd also like to see what Jibreel Black looks like on the inside of the line.

2) Trey Burke has returned. There's a lot of time between now and November, but what do you think Michigan's starting lineup should be?

CJ: 1. Trey Burke 2. Glenn Robinson III. 3. Tim Hardaway Jr. 4. Mitch McGary 5. Jordan Morgan Sixth man: Matt Vogrich. Past that I think they'll be able to go eight or nine deep with Jon Horford, Nick Stauskas and (surprise) Sai Tummala. Plus, if Spike Albrecht can steal a few minutes here and there to give Burke a break, the Wolverines should be in pretty good shape.

MR: Burke at the point, Stauskas at the two, Hardaway Jr. at the three, Robinson III at the four and Morgan at the five with McGary and Vogrich getting major minutes off the bench. John Beilein has never played with two big men at the same time and until I hear it from him directly, I still think he is going to go with more shooters and wing players. That said, Michigan can run nine deep with those seven plus Horford and guard Eso Akunne also snagging minutes. The question to me is whether or not Tummala -- who is a really good athlete -- and Max Bielfeldt are able to crack the rotation in the early part of the season.

TVH: I don't think it would be out of the question to see Burke, Hardaway, McGary, Morgan and Robinson III as a starting group.

3) Are there any negatives to signing kids this fast? Since there are always disappointing senior seasons, sleepers, fast risers, could there be any negatives with how fast they've closed?