Is Landry Jones the Big 12's best QB?

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Today's question: Is Landry Jones the Big 12's best quarterback?

Landry Jones left us all with a bad taste in our mouths with the way he finished last season. But I really believe Jones is closer to the player we saw at the end of 2010 than the player we saw at the end of 2011. Geno Smith is a big-time playmaker coming off a fabulous season. But to me, with his combination of size, strength and most of all, experience, Jones tops the Big 12 quarterback list over Smith and Kansas State's Collin Klein.

- Jake Trotter

It's hard to go wrong with OU's Landry Jones or West Virginia's Geno Smith. But Smith gets the nod based off his playmaking ability in key moments. On third down, Smith completed 64.1 percent of his passes while Jones completed 51.9 percent of his throws in 2010. Smith was also excellent as his team moved the ball into scoring range as he threw 36 touchdowns and just one interception inside his opponents 40-yard line while completing 60.6 percent of his passes. Jones threw 32 touchdowns and six interceptions inside his opponent's 40 while competing 54.1 percent of his throws.

In 2011, as Smith approached the end zone or when his team needed a third-down conversation, the Mountaineer quarterback was better than OU's signal caller. And that's why he gets the nod.

- Brandon Chatmon

West Virginia's Geno Smith is getting a lot of love around Big 12 country. Is it a case of liking something new with the Mountaineers joining the conference, or is Smith the real deal? Time will tell on that one. Smith is the trendy pick now, but Landry Jones will be the name fans remember when December rolls around. It won't be easy for Jones who will be dealing with almost an entirely new set of receivers, but it will also give him a chance to show what a leader he is. Some people have questioned him in that department. When 2012 is over, those questions will have been answered and the doubters will be gone.

- Bob Przybylo

Landry Jones is not the Big 12's best quarterback. But he's only slightly behind West Virginia signal-caller Geno Smith, who's more efficient. Jones threw 15 interceptions in 2011 -- six in OU's last four games without primary target Ryan Broyles -- and had just 29 passing touchdowns, down from 38 in 2010. Smith had a better than 4:1 ratio of touchdowns to interceptions (31 to 7) last season, and as Brandon noted, was better than Jones in the red zone. Jones, however, has the tools to be the conference's best in 2012, especially if he takes care of the ball. Smith, who flirted with disaster last season with fumbles (12 total; just four lost) and took several more sacks than Jones (26 to 10), could struggle in his first year against Big 12's defense, while Jones is one of the most-experienced quarterbacks in the country.

- Dane Beavers