Chat wrap: Who's the third DE for OU?

SoonerNation writer Jake Trotter chatted with readers on Monday about Oklahoma football and recruiting. Here's the full transcript. If you didn't get your question answered, send it to Jake's mailbag.

Here are a few highlights from the chat:

Soonerfandave (McAlester): Lots of good things being said about Sterling Shepard that will help alot this season, but is Courtney Gardner still gonna make it to campus?

Jake Trotter: Yeah, I think Gardner will be fine. He seems really confident. He nailed his spring courses. He's just got a couple summer classes to finish up. I feel confident.

soonerfandave84 (OK): Jake who is gonna be the 3rd DE, and I have a feeling R.J. Washington is gonna break out this year.

Jake Trotter: I can't disagree. RJ is on my list of potential breakouts. Chuka Ndulue is the third end right now, followed by Chaz Nelson and Geneo Grissom. Grissom has the potential to be that third end, but he's not where Chuka is right now.

theMOTEXAN (Ozarks): Jake, What is your honest opinion about the new playoffs? You probably get asked this alot but do you think 4 teams are enough? I am also concerned about the selection committee and how and what it will be. Is this going to be a positive or a negative move for the B12?

Jake Trotter: I'm excited about it. I think eight would be ideal, but four is better than nothing. I actually think it's a positive for the Big 12. Last year with a four-team playoff, the Big 12 would have had someone in the mix. With the SEC and Big Ten expansions, the more teams at the party the better for the Big 12, where the league can earn it one the field instead of the ballot box.

Tony (OKC): Impact Coach Mike Stoops has on the defense as a whole and do you think West Virginia becomes the marquee game for the Big XII when OU plays them in Morgantown?

Jake Trotter: Big impact. You can already sense the DBs feel more confident and comfortable. If I had to guess, WV-OU will have the most championship implications.