Chat wrap: DeMarco Murray stops by

Former Oklahoma running back and current Dallas Cowboy DeMarco Murray participated in a chat on ESPN.com on Wednesday afternoon. Check out the full transcript here.

A few highlights:

Neal (DC): what was your favorite memory of those Red River Rivalry games?

DeMarco Murray: I would say the atmosphere. It was second to none. The fans made those games so much fun and the competition every game, no matter what our records were or where we stood, that game was like a national championship game.

Yodel (OKC): Who was the better quarterback Landry Jones or Sam Bradford?

DeMarco Murray: Definitely Sam. He's one of my best friends. Landry isn't far behind. But to me Sam was a better QB.

Jon (Fairfield, CA): Why did you choose Oklahoma?

DeMarco Murray: Because Coach Stoops was a great coach. They had a lot of great history at RB and they're known for winning championships.

Spencer (okc): what do u think of this years Sooner Squad?

DeMarco Murray: This year's Oklahoma team will be good. Landry is coming back. I haven't paid too much attention in the offseason with the recruits as I've been busy, but Oklahoma will always be good no matter what.