Don't expect Bob Stoops to join Twitter

Florida State became the latest school to ban its players from Twitter. OU head coach Bob Stoops said he’s not inclined to keep his team off Twitter, though it’s clear he’s lost no love for the social media network.

“It’s kind of dumb really,” Stoops said of Twitter during Big 12 media days. “I don’t have much of a deal on it. Except my guys, and I’ve said this – and obviously sometimes they don’t take it to heart – but anything that has to do with our program, that’s just like you had a press conference. (There,) you’re not going to do it. If you’re going to the grocery store, have at it. If it’s something to do with us, I need to approve that.”

Stoops’ players have had issues with Twitter in the past. The worst came two years ago when wideout Jaz Reynolds was suspended after making jokes about a shooting on the campus at the University of Texas.

“If they can’t get that, or just if certain guys can’t get that, I’ll just take theirs (away),” Stoops said. “So we’ll see, I don’t know.”

Former OU coach Barry Switzer became the latest to hop on Twitter last week, but don’t expect to Stoops to be following Switzer any time soon.

“I don’t even know the first way to follow anybody, or how it works,” Stoops said. I have nothing to do with that.”

Other OU coaches like basketball coaches Lon Kruger and Sherri Coale and baseball’s Sunny Golloway are on Twitter. Not long ago, the athletic department appeared to have created an account for Stoops, too, before eventually deleting it.

“That wasn’t my page. It was a lie,” Stoops said. “Sometimes people get on and say they’re me, and they’re not me. If anyone is on Twitter saying it’s me, you can bet that it isn’t.”