Corey Nelson happy to stay in one position

NORMAN, Okla. -- Linebacker Corey Nelson spent his first two years at Oklahoma as a wild card. He moved around in the Sooners' system, especially during his sophomore season.

This year he’s focused on one position as he slides into the weakside linebacker spot vacated by former four-year starter Travis Lewis.

“It’s become easier compared to all the years I was moving around,” Nelson said. “At first it was a struggle to be able to play that specific position because I wasn’t used to having a specific assignment; it was so unusual to me. To learn from my mistakes in the spring and learn form the positive things I’ve done, I was able to adapt. It’s so much easier on me.”

Nelson struggled in the spring but seems to have made strides during the summer months and early in fall camp. If he’s consistent and productive, OU’s defense will get a huge boost.