Timeline for Texas, OU to win BCS titles?

Colleague Travis Haney put college football's blue bloods under the microscope this weekInsider, projecting when each team will be best suited to make a run at the national title.

You'll need Insider to see the full thing, and I'd encourage you to do so, but in the Big 12, there's no doubt about which programs carry the banner of national power.

When will Oklahoma be in position to win a national title?

You won't have to wait too long. Haney correctly notes that expectations inside and outside the program are measured after last year's debacle, but the team could be in position to win the whole thing in 2012. The Sooners clearly have the talent to do it and a preseason top-five ranking to match.

Landry Jones is back, and despite his criticisms, he's still got loads of experience and can handle the rigors of the season, but everything around him will have to be perfect for the Sooners to make a run. The offensive line suddenly became a big question mark with the losses of Tyler Evans and Ben Habern, and the receivers are a big question mark, too, after last season's post-Ryan Broyles struggles.

Still, for the Sooners, the time is now for an eighth national title and a second under Bob Stoops.

As for the Longhorns? They may prove that 2012 is their breakthrough year, but if you're wanting a national title, keep your eyes on 2013, Haney writes.

I wholeheartedly agree there. Oklahoma State and Texas are going to be scary in 2013, but particularly the Longhorns, whose running game is only going to get better and better.

Recruiting expert Tom Luginbill weighed in, too, and says Texas' recent recruiting and newcomers to the coaching staff have the pieces in place for a very, very bright future.