Daryl Williams locks up right tackle spot

NORMAN, Okla. -- While Tyrus Thompson and Lane Johnson battle for the left tackle job at Oklahoma, Daryl Williams has locked up the right tackle spot.

The redshirt sophomore tackle has major upside.

“Daryl is probably playing the best ball he’s played right now,” tackles coach Bruce Kittle said. “He’s had a great camp and I think the potential for him is unlimited.”

But what makes Williams so unique?

“He is big, thick strong guy who has worked really hard,” Kittle said. “When we recruited him, he was about 265 and he’s 305, 310 range right now. He’s an extremely hard worker in the weight room. He has a power base. He has a very steady presence, he’s one of the best run blockers we have and he’s pass [blocking] has come along.

“He’s a very steady player. I think Daryl will be a fixture at right tackle for us for the rest of his career. We’re real excited about him.”