'Possibilities' for Trey Franks at safety

Trey Franks came to Oklahoma as a slot receiver, was temporarily removed from scholarship, and has since returned as a safety as he continues to serve out his indefinite suspension.

Defensive coordinator Mike Stoops explained the position change for Franks this week.

“We’re in experiment mode right now,” he said. “He’s a very athletic player. He’s very physical. He runs and is a very explosive player. There are possibilities. Is it natural? If you’ve got to coach him all the way around the field, it’s going to be a struggle. I don’t have a feel right now of how instinctive he is, and how much I’m going to have to coach. You coach every play, but there are certain things players have to be able to react to.”

Stoops, however, likes the potential of Franks’ athleticism in the defensive backfield. And with the Sooners expected to use six defensive backs often, Stoops is in need of more bodies.

“Athletically, he can do whatever he wants,” Stoops said. “There are possibilities there.”