Q&A: Norman North LB Jordan Evans

Oklahoma has a solid history of keeping its top in-state talent home. To even narrow the focus, the Sooners have normally been able to land all Norman, Okla., high school products. Norman High has been a consistent spot for OU with names like Mossis Madu and Ryan Broyles. But if OU is going to make a move in its own town for the 2013 class, it’s going to be with Norman North linebacker Jordan Evans, who has offers from New Mexico and Ohio. But after growing an inch and putting on nearly 30 pounds, this fall should be interesting for one of the most versatile defenders in Oklahoma.

SoonerNation: Not just 12 months ago but six months ago nobody had really heard of your name. What has changed for you?

Jordan Evans: Us as a team, the group changed. It has been a mentality thing, and I’ve become a lot more mature and realizing this is my senior year. I want to make it special.

SN: Obviously you have put on some pounds since the last time you were on the field. How much did you put on?

Evans: Last year I was like 6-foot-2 and 180 pounds. I grew an inch, and I’m 210 pounds so I’ve added 30 pounds. Ever since last season ended, coaches were on my butt all day making sure I ate all the things I needed to and took care of myself.

SN: There is no questioning the results, but how hard was it for you to put on the pounds?

Evans: It was tough because I’m such an active guy. But I think I did things the right way, and I feel very comfortable with where I’m at right now.

SN: How active were you on the summer camp circuit?

Evans: I didn’t do too much. As a team, we went to the Tulsa camp. I also went to OU’s camp. After that, I had a hamstring issue so I stayed off the camp circuit.

SN: You mention OU, have you been in contact with linebackers coach Tim Kish?

Evans: Not personally besides the camp. I’ve been getting a lot of letters from OU saying they’re going to monitor my progress and they like what they see.

SN: You're a Norman kid. Safe to assume you’re an OU fan?

Evans: Yes, sir. My dad played for OU so I would love an opportunity to play for the Sooners. My dad is Scott Evans, and he played there from 1986-90. But I’m going to play wherever I feel is the best fit. At this moment, I’m trying to just focus on the team and not worry about visits.

SN: Speaking of the team, you guys have surprised people with early scrimmage successes. What has changed from last season?

Evans: We just wanted to show what we can do. It’s a good boost of confidence. We’re a team that can compete. There wasn’t like a moment where everything changed, but we’re a lot more confident and comfortable with each other.