Damien Williams' familiar faces at OU

Despite arriving to Oklahoma via an Arizona junior college, Damien Williams recognized a couple of faces in Norman. Williams grew up near Sooners running back Brennan Clay in San Diego, where the two have competed against one another since pee wee. Williams also squared off against wide receiver Lacoltan Bester in the junior-college national championship last year.

“I've been playing against Brennan since we were yay-high,” Williams said. “It's great to be here playing with him and not against him.”

Williams didn’t even realize Bester had also transferred to OU, until he ran into him on campus.

“I was just like, ‘Oh, we played against you in the national championship,' ” Williams said. “It was great to see him come here, knowing that he's another great receiver added on.”

Bester and East Mississippi got the best of Williams and Arizona Western, 55-47.

“Every time I put my rings on, we joke about it,” Bester said. “He says he hopes I lose them or something.”