Three sacks vs. UTEP not all O-Line's fault

Quarterback Landry Jones was sacked three times last Saturday at UTEP, raising questions about OU’s pass protection, which for several years has been a strength of the team. Head coach Bob Stoops, however, took some of the blame off the offensive line.

“A couple of them were covered. Landry had time to throw and we need to throw the ball away or we need to get open,” Stoops said. “There was a time or two where he did get pressured. We got caught with a play or two where either from the box we need to change it or we need to be able to recognize it as it’s unfolding and pick it up.

“But overall there’s plenty of plays where we’ve got opportunities to throw the ball. It could be better, sure. But that’s not uncommon in the first game. We need it to be better, but overall it wasn’t that bad, either.”