Trey Metoyer has shaky debut for Sooners

For true freshman wideout Trey Metoyer, the UTEP game was a learning experience. He caught four passes for 21 yards, but could have had a much bigger game.

“He hasn’t played in a game, and some of it showed,” head coach Bob Stoops said. “The long screen, we curled it and run him back, we bust on who’s picking up the linebacker, so instead of being third-and-medium or short, we ended up third-and-11 and, again, in a bad spot because of a breakdown mentally.”

Metoyer had a chance at a touchdown, when he brought down the ball over a UTEP defensive back near the goal line. But Metoyer’s foot was out of bounds.

“He’s an inch out of bounds on a fade route that he scores a touchdown on and that’s him being a young guy that hasn’t played much,” Stoops said. “He’s just drifting instead of holding his ground. He wasn’t being pushed out, he’s just drifting out instead of staying in bounds and being more precise and just staying in bounds and then he’s got a touchdown.

“I still have got great confidence in Trey. He’s going to be really good. Again, it’s just one of those things, you’ve got to keep playing. The more you play, hopefully, he’s going to continue to get better and make those kind of plays that he almost made. We say almost, but in the end, he’s competitive like that, going after the ball.”