Q&A: 2014 Okla. receiver Jeffery Mead

It’s bound to happen if you watch Oklahoma high school powerhouse Tulsa (Okla.) Union enough times. Eventually somebody will stick out -- someone who previously wasn’t on anybody’s radar. That looks to be the case with 2014 wide receiver Jeffery Mead. He is still learning the position, but at 6-foot-7 and 168 pounds he has the height to turn some heads and has shown the potential to be a prospect worth watching. His size has also made him a popular recruit for basketball, the sport he spent most of his summer playing. Now in his first year on varsity, Mead has nine catches for 177 yards and a touchdown through the first three games.

Mead talked to SoonerNation about playing receiver and his recruiting interest:

SoonerNation: How much more comfortable do you feel now as opposed to when the season started three weeks ago?

Jeffery Mead: I’m definitely a little more comfortable. That first game I was jittery, but now I feel good. I feel I got it down. It’s nothing special.

SN: What is the biggest difference with your game this season?

Mead: This season? Not that much. It was last year where I switched from quarterback to receiver. I had been a quarterback my whole life.

SN: Toughest adjustment in making that move?

Mead: Running fast and taking hits. You know at quarterback (you're) not used to taking hits.

SN: Describe that first big hit you took as a receiver.

Mead: I caught the ball and turned around and a kid took out my legs. I fell on my shoulder and couldn’t breathe for, like, 20-30 seconds. People were talking to me, but I couldn’t get any words out. I knew things would be different.

SN: You spent the summer playing basketball. What schools are looking at you so far?

Mead: Oklahoma, TU [Tulsa], Oral Roberts, Yale, Stanford, Wichita State. There are some others. No offers yet, but a lot of interest, and I know they will come with time.

SN: You’re an unknown commodity in football before these last couple of months. Are any schools looking at you as a receiver yet?

Mead: The in-state schools have been sending me a lot of letters. I get letters from OU, TU and OSU. It’s fun. I wanted to go to OU’s camp in June but everything was filled up at the time so I missed out.

SN: It seems like basketball was going to be your sport of choice. But now that you’re making an impact in football, how much fun is the game?

Mead: Oh, it’s a lot more fun. I actually feel like I’m contributing to the team. Yes, being on the scout team helped last year but now I’m out there doing my thing. It’s great.

SN: You caught your first touchdown of the season on a 66-yard reception in the 26-21 win against Broken Arrow, Okla., what was that like for you?

Mead: It was great. It was a great play call. I caught the ball and decided I wasn’t about to get caught so I just ran and ran until I found the end zone. We have a really good team and the rest of the season is going to be exciting.