Demontre Hurst: Loss an 'eye-opener'

Oklahoma struggled in its season-opening win over UTEP before dominating Florida A&M in its second game. Even though the Sooners weren’t playing at a high level, they left the stadium with a win.

On Sept. 22 against Kansas State, the Sooners weren’t so lucky in a 24-19 loss.

“That game was an eye-opener,” cornerback Demontre Hurst said. “We really have to start playing better because the schedule gets harder and harder. I think we are going to start preparing better and be more positive about ourselves and stick together even more now.”

One has to wonder why the Sooners weren’t doing those things in the first place. But the loss won’t matter if OU rights the ship and runs the table. Alabama won the BCS national title with one loss in 2011 and a one-loss Sooners squad played in the BCS Championship game in 2009, so there’s no reason to believe it cannot be done again.