Pass rush must provide more pressure

Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops wants to see his team improve its pass rush. When asked how the Sooners could create more turnovers, Stoops pointed to creating pressure.

“As much as anything, just trying to get more pressure,” he said. “That as much as anything is the key, that and to get more strips and just trying to knock the ball out as well.”

Improving their pass rush will be critical for the Sooners, who have six sacks in three games, particularly with Texas Tech next on the horizon after a bye this weekend.

“It’s really big (to have a pass rush),” said defensive tackle Jamarkus McFarland, who leads the Sooners with 2 sacks this season. “We’ll see if we can put something in to get to them a little quicker.”

Making teams uncomfortable and forcing them to abandon their strengths could be another priority for OU as they try to get back in the Big 12 race.

“That’s a key,” McFarland said. “Teams are good at what they do and like to do what they do. If you focus on that and take it away, they have to try something else.”