Bob Stoops praises team effort vs. Texas

NORMAN, Okla. – Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops had one big problem after his Sooners beat Texas 63-21 on Saturday.

He didn’t have enough game balls to go around.

“The whole defense was player of the game,” Stoops said Monday during his weekly press conference. “And the whole offense was for the whole offense.

“Really it was team deal.”

Was it ever.

The Sooners finished with 677 total yards, while defense limited the Longhorns to 14 yards in the first quarter, and just two first downs the entire first half.

Stoops was especially effusive in his praise of the offensive line, which has been decimated by three season-ending injuries. The line was dominant Saturday and cleared the way for a season-high 343 yards on the ground.

“They were tired, too. They don’t have many guys to rotate now,” Stoops said. “They really sucked it up, and I thought they were awesome.

“And I think they’re going to keep improving.”