Dominique Alexander shocked by OU offer

Three-star athlete Dominique Alexander (Tulsa, Okla./Booker T. Washington) thought it was pure lip service by Oklahoma assistant coach Jackie Shipp.

Alexander camped at OU in June, the week after Shipp told Alexander the OU coaches would keep tabs on him during the season.

He thought it was a polite way of OU telling him it's not interested, and he committed to Arkansas on June 19.

Turns out Shipp and the OU coaches were telling the truth. Alexander has been one of the most dominant defenders in the state as a senior, and he said he was offered a scholarship by OU on Tuesday morning.

“Growing up in Oklahoma and getting an offer from OU, that means a lot,” Alexander said. “I’m pretty shocked. I haven’t gotten any love from them in a while.

“Getting an offer like that out of the blue lets you know the hard work does pay off. This is the top-ranked school in the state, so it’s pretty cool.”

Alexander said he has been invited to OU home games this season but has never received a call from the Sooners coaching staff.

The OU coaches were talking with Tulsa Booker T. Washington coaches this morning when Alexander was notified he would most likely get an offer.

Shipp has known Alexander’s father for a long time, and it was Shipp who told his father, Derrick, who then told Dominique about the offer.

Alexander, who is 6-foot and 190 pounds, is ranked No. 12 in the state and is being positioned at safety for the Razorbacks.

The OU coaches, however, are recruiting him as an athlete but most likely eyeing him as an outside linebacker.

“I like it. I think that’s really cool,” Alexander said. “When I went down to OU for their camp, they talked about how their outside linebackers act a lot like safeties. I’ll put on some weight, and I’ll go out there and compete.”

In the first game of the season, Alexander had 15 tackles, two forced fumbles, two pass breakups and a fumble recovery in a win against Oklahoma City Douglass. Alexander sent Shipp a Facebook message with those stats. Shipp sent him a message saying, “Keep balling.” And that was it in terms of communication from Sept. 1 until Tuesday morning.

Alexander said he is still committed to Arkansas although he admits the uncertainty of the coaching situation for the Razorbacks is a concern.

He grew up an Arkansas fan and there are a lot of Tulsa-area products on the Razorbacks. But Alexander is looking for stability. In his four seasons at Tulsa Booker T., he has played for three coaches. He doesn’t want to go through that again in college.

“I’m glad they said they would have something done by December,” Alexander said. “Whenever we find that out, I’ll talk with my family and make a decision.”

Since the season has started, he has added offers from Pittsburgh, Arizona State and Oregon State. Now he has even more to think about.