Q&A: 2015 in-state CB Markale Moses

Sophomore cornerback Markale Moses (Tulsa, Okla./Memorial) wasn’t sure what to expect at Oklahoma’s camp in June, but he figured he should attend.

He’s glad he did. Moses, who is 5-foot-9 and 170 pounds, is already starting to distinguish himself among the rest of the in-state crowd for the 2015 class.

Moses grew up a Miami (Fla.) fan, but following the camp and talks with OU defensive backs coach Mike Stoops, he said the Sooners are his top choice.

With his talent, though, OU most likely won’t be his only choice. Though he has had the most contact with OU, he is also receiving letters of interest from Arizona, LSU and Tulsa.

Moses has been to two OU games this season. Coincidentally, both of them were losses to Kansas State and Notre Dame.

SoonerNation: You were able to see OU against the Wildcats and Irish. What has been your impression so far?

Markale Moses: The Notre Dame game was amazing. All it made me think was I want to play in something like this, in a big game like this. I don’t think at other schools games can get as big as OU-Notre Dame.

SN: Did you get a chance to talk with Mike Stoops that weekend?

Moses: No. I was about to, but he was spending a lot of time with Dominique [Alexander, who committed to OU on Monday night]. I’ve been talking with Jackie Shipp, who recruits this area more, and I’m excited to get to know all the coaches better in the future.

SN: Every recruit has mentioned the atmosphere that weekend. Was there anything else that stood out?

Moses: There was a lot of pride, especially for the players at OU who are from Oklahoma. Those players have a lot of pride about being in-state kids, and the fans seemed to cheer some of those guys even more than the others. The fans really care about the guys and the team.

SN: Going back to the camp, what did Mike Stoops say to you?

Moses: He said he really liked the way I played. He said I have some room for improvement in my size and speed, but my natural instincts are really good. I liked how honest he was about everything.

SN: Looking at your sophomore season, Tulsa Memorial is in the playoffs for the first time since 1989. What does that mean to you?

Moses: It’s amazing. That was one of our goals before the season, to make the playoffs. But we don’t want to be content with just doing that. When we were 3-0 heading into district play, we started really believing this could be possible.

SN: How has your season gone?

Moses: It has actually been pretty boring. I don’t get a lot of action. The ball gets thrown to the other side, but I’ve found ways to help the team. I’ve blocked some field goals, and I don’t mind tackling so I’ll come up and help out in run support. And sometimes I can see a formation and let the linebackers know what’s up. Any little thing I can do to help.