2014 QB David Cornwell rising up ranks

Class of 2014 quarterback David Cornwell (Jones, Okla./Jones) has always been confident about his abilities. But since he never had started a varsity game before this season, he didn’t want to say too much.

Now with 12 games under his belt, Cornwell can talk a little. He has earned that right in helping Jones to the Class 3A quarterfinals this week.

Already with offers from Indiana and Auburn, Cornwell has become a very popular name among SEC schools. He has made unofficial visits to Arkansas and Alabama and is high on LSU’s radar. Both in-state powerhouses, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State, have shown interest as well.

Originally from Nebraska, Cornwell moved to Florida before finding a permanent home now in Jones, Okla.

Cornwell is 166-of-295 for 2,514 yards with 26 touchdowns. He has also rushed for 609 yards and six scores.

SoonerNation: Nobody knew who you were in July. That’s not a problem now. What have you learned about yourself this season?

David Cornwell: High school football is a lot different than college football. I used to think you make your reads and see how things develop and throw it away if it’s not there. In high school, you can make plays with your feet. I’ve learned how to pick up blitzes and make check-downs. It’s different than college, but I don’t think I’ll have a problem making the transition.

SN: You have been busy making the rounds. Oddly enough, you haven’t seen an OU game this season. Will that change this weekend?

Cornwell: Perhaps. I've got to get invited first. Tulsa has wanted me to come. UCLA wanted me to come out for the USC game, but I promised my teammates I wouldn’t go anywhere during playoffs. I could still go to OU, because it wouldn’t conflict with watching film. My team means the world to me, and I don’t want to put them in a bad position because I’m being selfish.

SN: A lot of people thought you might see OU-Notre Dame. Instead you did a crazy double stop at Arkansas during the day and Alabama at night. What was that like?

Cornwell: That was a crazy one, a long weekend. It was tough, but it was good to talk to some Arkansas people. They weren’t at home. They played in Little Rock, and it was good to see Tyler Wilson throw the ball in person. And to see an Alabama night game is crazy. I got to talk to Coach Nick Saban quite a bit, actually. The whole staff treated me like family. It was great.

SN: You’ve gone to Michigan, multiple SEC schools, Oklahoma State. What are you learning about these visits and are things starting to stand out to you?

Cornwell: You can tell a lot about what they’re thinking by the way they treat you. And with coaches, some you just click with. Other coaches you have to battle to get that connection. But I haven’t had one coach where I felt like it didn’t click. It’s all about going out there and experiencing everything.

SN: What about OU coach Josh Heupel? How well do you click with him?

Cornwell: We haven’t had much contact this season, but I respect everything he has done. And I respect what OU has done with its quarterbacks, like Jason White and Sam Bradford and now Landry Jones. How can you not be impressed by that? It’s a great program that I hope to learn more about moving forward.