Q&A: 2014 Texas athlete Armani Watts

It was a good junior season for athlete Armani Watts (Forney, Texas/North Forney). Not so much in the wins and losses with his team finishing at 2-8, but in other ways.

Watts, the epitome of versatility, did whatever was asked of him. He threw for 756 yards with three touchdowns. He rushed 162 times for 1,017 yards with seven scores and had eight receptions for 188 yards and two touchdowns. He also played defensive back.

That versatility has led to offers from UCLA, Clemson and North Texas. He was all set to attend OU’s junior day until the Sooners postponed it last week.

Now getting ready for his senior season, Watts said he is anxious to get back on the field.

SoonerNation: What did you learn about yourself from last season?

Armani Watts: I learned a lot. I learned I can be a leader for my team, and I learned how it takes doing all the little things for the big things to happen.

SN: You were a jack-of-all-trades last season, did that ever wear you down?

Watts: No, I’m used to it. The only time I got off the field was when we were kicking. I have a lot of versatility to my game, and I like that.

SN: Speaking of that, is there a position where you feel the most comfortable?

Watts: I feel very comfortable at safety and at wide receiver. UCLA and most schools see me as a safety. Texas Tech sees me as a receiver. And then other schools like OU see me as an athlete.

SN: When you’re looking at schools, what factors are going into your decision?

Watts: Environment, academics and immediate playing time. I want to make an impact. I want to study business management. One thing I don’t care about is distance.

SN: Was there a game that stood out to you this season?

Watts: The Terrell game [40-10 win]. I didn’t have to play quarterback, and I caught two touchdowns on offense and had like five tackles, an interception and a forced fumble on defense..

SN: Will you have to play quarterback next season?

Watts: No, sir. It’s a big relief to know I can focus more on being a receiver and safety and what I do best. I had to help the team at quarterback last season, but I shouldn’t have to next year.

SN: Any junior day plans?

Watts: Not yet. I was all excited about going to OU’s junior day and talking with Coach [Jay] Norvell again, but it got canceled. I haven’t been told when the next one is going to be, but I’d definitely like to make it there if I can.

SN: Any favorites at this point?

Watts: No, sir. OU, UCLA, Clemson and Texas Tech are the schools talking with me the most, but I’m keeping my options open and want to see what else is out there.