Bob Stoops: FB Millard still lacks touches

Before last season, Bob Stoops said he wanted to get fullback Trey Millard 10 to 12 touches per game.

Once again, Millard was among the Sooners’ best in yards per carry (6.0) and yards per catch (11.2). But he averaged only 4.8 touches per game, only a slight increase from 2011.

Stoops explained that Millard’s production plateau was due to the Sooners having more weapons across the offense to work with.

“It’s fair to say, the year before we weren’t as productive offensively; this year we were,” Stoops said, though the Sooners averaged fewer points in 2012 (38.2) than they did in 2011 (39.5).

“It worked this year, meaning we didn’t have to get him more touches.”

Stoops added that because Millard is such a valuable blocker it’s difficult to get him the ball.

“We want to get him involved, that’s always part of [our] thinking,” Stoops said. “It’s just hard to do a whole lot more with the spot he’s in. But we always look for it, and we’ll keep doing that, because we feel he’s one of our best players.”

One of the trendy sports-talk radio solutions for getting Millard more involved has been to move him to middle linebacker. Stoops conceded the idea is interesting and that Millard “would be a good one.” But he also shot down the suggestion.