Bob Stoops wants bigger, better press box

Bob Stoops joked this season that it would be ironic if they named the Memorial Stadium press box after him, given his sometimes-icy relationship with the local media.

But with the $75 million, state-of-the-art Headington Hall athletic dormitory nearing completion, Stoops said the next facility project he’d like see done would be the revamping of the football stadium’s press box.

“It'll make it a bigger stadium,” Stoops said. “They just need to go end zone to end zone, kind of like Nebraska did.

I think we’ve all -- our administrators want to get the dorm piece done and I know that’s something that hopefully in the future is something they’ll look at doing.”

Earlier in Stoops’ tenure, OU added an upper deck to the east side,complete with luxury suites. Stoops would like to see the west side of the stadium match it.

“You look at how great the east side is,” Stoops said. “You have to do something equal or better for you guys, more seating, more boxes.

“A better press box.”