Jefferson: 'Dreadful' seeing OSU rout Tech

Many of the Sooners spent their Saturday off watching college football on TV, including safety Tony Jefferson, who posted comments about several games throughout the day on Twitter.

“That’s my favorite thing on bye weeks, being a commentary guy,” Jefferson said. “Saw my boys at Oregon ball out and play Stanford really well.”

Center Ben Habern was especially tuned in to TCU’s 36-35 win at Boise State.

“I was on the edge of my seat for that game,” Habern said. “I was cheering for TCU. I don’t hate Boise State or anything like that, but you have to root for what is going to help the team.”

Wide receiver Dejuan Miller checked out Kansas State’s four-overtime victory over Texas A&M.

“I watched that entire game,” Miller said, “and I don’t regret it.”

Many of the players admitted they also watched Dec. 3 opponent Oklahoma State throttled Texas Tech, which knocked off the Sooners last month.

“Uh, yeah,” Jefferson said. “That was dreadful watching that. I was embarrassed. But that’s over with now.”