Q&A: WolverineNation on Montgomery

Oklahoma got its man with the hiring of former Michigan assistant coach Jerry Montgomery to replace defensive tackles coach Jackie Shipp. Montgomery is known as a young coach with lots of energy and the ability to recruit.

WolverineNation recruiting writer Tom VanHaaren took some time to answer some questions about Montgomery for SoonerNation.

SN: What is Montgomery's reputation as a recruiter among the recruits you talk with?

VanHaaren: He's a younger guy, so he related really well with recruits. He provided a little bit of energy for Michigan with his youth and that was something that resonated with the recruits. He's very personable and got along very well with moms and dads, too, which is important. He has good connections and the new relationships he built, he built them quickly. A lot of people found it easy to trust him.

SN: Who's the best player he landed during his time?

VanHaaren: He had a hand in landing running back Derrick Green, who was the No. 5-ranked running back in 2013. He has also had a big part in recruiting 2014 defensive end Da'Shawn Hand from Virginia. Hand was ESPN's junior of the year and is going to be one of the top prospects in this class.

SN: What's one example of Montgomery's recruiting ability, i.e. when he landed someone or turned someone unexpected?

VanHaaren: Probably landing Derrick Green. There were a few aspects of Green's recruitment that helped Michigan, but early on it looked like Michigan had no chance.

SN: In what regions of the country does he excel?

VanHaaren: He mainly covered the south for Michigan, but had a hand in a lot of different areas. He landed a really big defensive tackle out of Utah for 2014, Bryan Mone. He mainly recruited Virginia, Georgia, Florida, the Carolinas.

SN: If you had to use three words to describe his recruiting style, which three would you choose?

VanHaaren: Tenacious, enthusiastic, genuine.