Film Review: Baylor 45, Oklahoma 38

AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez

Baylor receiver Terrance Williams catches the game-winning touchdown pass against Oklahoma.

NORMAN, Okla. -- Heading into Oklahoma’s road game against Baylor, Sooners fans knew an upset could happen with quarterback Robert Griffin III on the field.

It did.

Griffin sparked the Bears to a 45-38 win over the Sooners which essentially knocked OU out of BCS title game consideration.

A second glance at the game reveals the greatness of Griffin, mental mistakes by the Sooners’ secondary and another disappointing loss.

Key plays and sequences

--While zero touchdowns were scored in the first quarter, those 15 minutes had a huge impact on the outcome. Baylor opened the second quarter with the confidence of knowing they had a great chance to win the game. Had OU jumped out to an early lead, the Bears might have been reminded of their 0-20 record against the Sooners.

--The Bears first touchdown came after a 55-yard completion to receiver Kendall Wright as the Bears playmaker broke tackle attempts by safety Javon Harris and defensive Ronnell Lewis. The most underrated aspect of the play was the quick read and throw by Griffin. He put the ball in Wright’s hands early, before Harris could get close enough to make a form tackle, and Wright did the rest. Excellent hustle by linebacker Corey Nelson saved the touchdown. Two plays later, running back Terrance Ganaway scored on a 15-yard run. (Watch the catch and run here)

--Quarterback Blake Bell scored four touchdowns, but his best run of the night was a fourth-and-one conversion late in the first half. After the Bears got penetration, Bell bounced to the left, to daylight, and dove for the first down. That play showed that he has good running skills and the ability to make the "Belldozer" formation a threat even as defenses get better and better at developing game plans for it.

--For all the talk of the Belldozer, one of the best things about it is that it features fullbacks Aaron Ripkowski and Trey Millard. Bell just follows them and Ripkowski is physical and consistent while Millard is one of the best and most consistent players on the squad. Touchdown, Belldozer.

--Both of Baylor’s big plays in the first half, the 55-yard pass to Wright and 69-yard touchdown to receiver Tevin Reese, came off play action. The Bears had 18 carries for 34 yards at halftime. I guess Ryan Broyles wasn’t joking when he said the Sharks “bite on play action, they bite on double moves” during Training Days with the Oklahoma Sooners on ESPN in the preseason.

--On Reese’s touchdown, Harris jumped the slant route and Reese ran a slant and go. It would be easy to blame it all on Harris, who definitely deserves a good bit of the blame. But to be fair, the junior safety had just gotten yelled at for not jumping the slant and missing the tackle on Wright’s 55-yarder. He missed the tackle against Wright because he didn’t jump the route, got burned by Reese because he did. So which one should he have done? (Watch the catch and run here)

--Guard Adam Shead could be the best development of the season. On Millard’s 5-yard touchdown run early in the third quarter, Shead found the second level then drove the middle linebacker two yards into the endzone, seven yards away from the line of scrimmage. And in the Belldozer package, Shead often uses his terrific feet to pull and lead the way for touchdowns. He will be an anchor on the line for the next few years and is a future all-conference performer. (Watch Millard's run here)

--OU clearly had the momentum early in the third quarter, scoring 14 straight points out of the locker room. When the Sooners didn’t run and hide at that point, you knew there could be trouble in the fourth quarter.

--Crazy thing about the tipped pass to Kendall Wright for a 87-yard touchdown? If Griffin had just thrown him the ball it would have been the same result anyway. (Watch the touchdown here)