Boulware excited to be a "Big brother"

Having coached in several different conferences for several different programs, new Oklahoma tight ends coach Jay Boulware has plenty of experience. Yet Boulware, who has made several coaching stops including Auburn, Stanford and Iowa State, expects a different experience as he begins recruiting for the Sooners.

"You walk in with this OU on your chest and you’re immediately in the top two or three," Boulware said during his first interview with local media on Wednesday. "It means something, it makes a difference, we’re big brother now, I’ve been at places where you’re little brother, as some people say. This is my first time at a place where you’re the big dog on the street and everybody knows it."

Boulware is hoping that having an OU logo on his chest will help open doors and create opportunities on the recruiting trails nationwide as he tries to land the talent that could help the Sooners compete for national titles in the future. And yet landing among a recruit's top three schools is not enough. In recruiting, second place is the exact same as 10th place. Only one school signs the prospect -- everyone else wasted their time.

Therefore, Boulware has a plan as he tries to separate the Sooners from everyone else on the recruiting trail.

"One of my friends used to say, recruiting is like shaving, if you don’t do it every day, it will show," he said. "Every day you have to pound it and pound it, you gotta establish relationships with not only the kid, but whoever the kid is close to. If you do that and build the relationships, you’ll come out on top on more than you will on the bottom."

A solid recruiter, Boulware is also lauded for his ability to coach special teams. His most recent coaching stop was Auburn, where his special teams units were consistently among the SEC's best during the past four seasons. He made it a focus to land quality kickers and punters during his time at Auburn.

"It makes all of our jobs a lot easier," Boulware said of recruiting quality specialists. "When you have a really good kicker and punter, it makes everybody’s job a lot easier. When they’re kicking touchbacks whenever you want to, your kickoff coverage team is not an issue."

Boulware's actual special teams' duties at OU have not been defined, but he should have a impact on the Sooners special teams units in 2013.