Roundtable: Should OU have soph. day?

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Today's question: Texas is having a Sophomore Day this weekend and hosting several top 2015 recruits. Should the Sooners do the same?

• When I first heard about this, I was pretty impressed with the idea. This is a great idea but not every school can really use it. Texas is in a prime spot for something like this. Austin is in the center of the state and recruits can come from all over. But I'm not sure it would be too beneficial for OU to go down the same path of hosting a sophomore day. Bob Stoops has done a pretty good job of getting the sophomores he covets the most to attend junior day. I don't believe an OU sophomore day would give the Sooners the same type of positive result that it should net for the Longhorns. OU has a great grasp of in-state kids, and it would be tough to get sophomores from the Houston, San Antonio area to make the trip. Earlier communication is a necessity, though, especially with the way the NCAA rules are being structured.

- Bob Przybylo

• Clearly Texas believes it is a good idea and it's a forward-thinking move. Yet, do the Sooners really want to emulate Texas? Is evaluation one of Texas' strengths? I don't think so and a big reason why could be the Longhorns tendency to jump on recruits early in the process instead of using the full recruiting cycle to make quality evaluations. There are positives to having a sophomore day, without question, but the commitment required to hold a quality sophomore day might not be worth the hassle. And Oklahoma does not need to get on prospects early; it's Oklahoma. It far more important to make quality evaluations and offers, then recruit well once you're in a recruit's ear than it is to be high on their radar early in the process.

- Brandon Chatmon

• Why not? Anything you can do to get kids interested in your program is worth exploring. I don't think this would do wonders for OU's recruiting. It's not like the Sooners will be making offers from it. But it couldn't hurt to have the event. And if you can get a 2015 blue-chipper to begin thinking OU earlier than he might otherwise, I say go for it.

- Jake Trotter