Signee Q&A: ESPN 300 DE Matt Dimon

There weren’t many defensive players in Oklahoma incoming’s recruiting class more productive in high school than defensive end Matt Dimon. The Katy, Texas, native recorded 55 tackles, 12 sacks and forced six fumbles for Katy High, which captured the Class 5A Texas state championship.

Dimon, who was ranked No. 284 in the ESPN 300, checked in with SoonerNation recently as he prepared to arrive in Norman for summer workouts:

SoonerNation: What jersey will you be wearing?

Matt Dimon: 90. That’s what was available.

SN: Who is your roommate going to be?

Dimon: Christian Daimler. He lives just down the road here in Houston. So that worked out real well.

SN: Have the coaches talked with you about your potential role this fall?

Dimon: No, they just said they expect me to work my hardest. If I do that, everything will work out. I could get an opportunity; if not, I’ll just learn from the guys in front of me.

SN: There were discussions before the spring about OU possibly going to a 3-4 defense. Did the coaches talk to you at all about that?

Dimon: We did talk about the 3-4 before spring ball. I went over the defense with one of the coaches. Once spring ball started, the talk just disappeared. I don’t know what happened, I guess it didn’t work out. I’m comfortable with running any defense. It’s not like we had a bad defense. We had a really good first half, then the second half was not so good, but we also played some really good offenses. The 4-3 will work if we can just tweak it a bit.

SN: What are you most excited about coming to OU?

Dimon: I don’t really have one thing. It’s going to be a whole experience, a whole new lifestyle. Get to meet new friends, get to work my butt off for a great program. Hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to play in a great bowl or a national championship.

SN: What are you planning to get your degree in?

Dimon: Not sure yet. Maybe energy management or business or something.

SN: When did you know OU was the place for you?

Dimon: I went up there for the spring game (in 2012). I went to Baylor’s spring game before, and OU’s facilities were just -- this is personally my opinion, 20 times better than Baylor’s. Everything is just so prestigious at OU, I just really, really liked it. I told my dad I was going to commit soon after that spring game. And I did. I loved it up there.

SN: The game you’re most looking forward to playing in?

Dimon: Probably the Notre Dame game. My family is from Chicago, so I’ll get to see them and stuff. But the Texas game is always crazy. I’m really excited about every game.

SN: What OU player did you like watching most last season?

Dimon: I was a Landry Jones fan. I liked the way he threw the ball around. I thought he was a leader. Liked the way Tony Jefferson played. Thought his pursuit angles, his tackling ability were bar none.

SN: Were you surprised Jefferson didn’t get drafted?

Dimon: I was surprised. I felt for him. It’s a bummer to leave early and not get drafted. I’m sure he’s going to use that as motivation. I would. That should drive him.

SN: What goals do you have at OU?

Dimon: First and foremost want to get a degree. I want to go in there and win football games. I could really care less about personal stats or what happens to me. I just want to win. That’s why you play the game, to win. I hope that we can work hard as a unit, and accomplish what we set to accomplish.