Signee Q&A: Four-star QB Cody Thomas

It was only revealed after his commitment just how much ESPN 300 quarterback Cody Thomas wanted to be Oklahoma’s quarterback.

Pretty quiet during his recruitment, Thomas came clean after he committed about how he made sure OU offensive coordinator Josh Heupel didn’t forget about him.

Thomas is also an accomplished baseball player and was drafted in the 30th round of the MLB draft by the New York Yankees in June. But it’s not pro baseball that is his calling -- he wants to play football and baseball for the Sooners.

Prior to his arrival on campus, Thomas talked to SoonerNation one more time to discuss his hectic schedule.

SoonerNation: Who is your roommate going to be?

Cody Thomas: Jordan Smallwood.

SN: How did that all come about? I know you thought you would be with Matt Dimon.

Thomas: Yeah, I was going to room with Dimon. He talked me and said he wanted to room with one of the other guys from Houston, Christian Daimler, that they had been working out together. It wasn’t a big deal to me. It was just a last-minute thing. It’s fine.

SN: What jersey are you looking to wear?

Thomas: I’m going to wear No. 14. It’s what I wore when I was a freshman in high school. I’m happy with it.

SN: Who is a player on the team right now that you’ve been talking to the most?

Thomas: Quarterback Trevor Knight is somebody I’ve really gotten to know a lot better here in recent months. We really clicked on my visit. His advice for me is to not be intimidated. It might look overwhelming, but just be who you are and things will take care of themselves.

SN: When did you know in your heart OU was the place for you?

Thomas: At that spring practice. That’s all it really took. When I went up there, I loved it so much. I didn’t need to see a game or anything like that. I was already hooked.

SN: When you leave OU, what do you want your legacy to be?

Thomas: Simple: The greatest that ever came through the program. That’s my goal -- to be the best quarterback the school has ever had.

SN: I know you had baseball during the spring, but were you able to work on anything in terms of football?

Thomas: I was. I concentrated a lot on my strength, and Coach [Josh] Heupel gave me a lot of things to look at in terms of learning more about my position.

SN: You were at the spring game. Did you get a chance to talk with ESPN 150 quarterback and OU commit Justice Hansen?

Thomas: I did. He looks good. Definitely happy to have him. My advice for him was he’s going into his senior season so he needs to enjoy it. It goes by quick, real quick.

SN: How tough has it been to juggle baseball and football for as long as you have?

Thomas: It hasn’t really been that overwhelming. It’s just something I’m used to doing. Baseball wasn’t that stressful because you never know what the Major League teams are thinking. OU isn’t stressful because I’ve had the full support of Coach Heupel and Coach [Bob] Stoops and Coach [Sunny] Golloway (Note: This interview was conducted before Golloway left OU for Auburn). If they didn’t have my back, it could have been tough. But they’ve been great the whole time.