Signee Q&A: Three-star WR K.J. Young

Under-the-radar prospects can be found all the time. During the spring evaluation period, during camp season and even after the season, prospects pop up everywhere. Wide receiver K.J. Young falls into that last category. Not many people had heard of the Perris, Calif., product until after Christmas.

Following an Oklahoma offer, things picked up in a hurry. Other schools tried to snatch him away late, but Young stayed solid with the Sooners.

He committed at the airport following his official visit, saying he realized he was home. Prior to his arrival on campus, Young spoke to SoonerNation one more time about what being a Sooner means to him.

SoonerNation: Nobody knew who you were before December. What was that media rush like during those final weeks before signing day?

K.J. Young: It was incredible the way everything just changed. I couldn’t believe OU was interested. But after I took that visit, it was incredible. I knew it was where I wanted to be.

SN: Any lingering thoughts about the recruiting process and how long it took to get noticed?

Young: I could only control what I could control. I couldn’t worry about it. I’m blessed that some schools thought I was worthy to begin with. I’m just going to work as hard as I can to show OU that they’ve made the right choice.

SN: Your size has some wondering if you’ll be lined up out wide or in the slot. Any insight from the coaches on your position?

Young: Coach [Jay] Norvell said there is a great chance that I could play either spot, slot or wide. OU has had a lot of success with slot receivers. Ryan Broyles was incredible and set all those records. It’s a great spot to be.

SN: When we first talked, you mentioned video games a lot when it came to your OU knowledge. Just how big of a factor was that in learning about the university?

Young: It was pretty big. I used to always play with OU on NCAA, and I always did good with them. I knew their team was pretty good. Then I watched a lot of OU games on TV and learned how dominant they could be.

SN:: How different was Norman from your expectations?

Young: It was so different. That visit was what sealed the deal for me. I thought it would be like in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do. It was so much better than I expected. It gave me even more of a reason to want to go there.

SN: What does this opportunity mean to you?

Young: My school [Perris Citrus Hill] isn’t really known for its football tradition. We have a couple of guys here that can change that. I know I can be one of those guys. I can be an example for the younger kids to let them know good things can happen. But it’s not just on the field. It starts in the classroom.

SN: Has the reality hit you’re going to be a Sooner?

Young: After signing day, I took some time off to relax and sort of soak it all in. Life has been so great. All it has done is motivate me to work harder, and that’s what I’ve done all spring.