Stoops' accused burglar finds more trouble

The criminal masterminds that allegedly stole a car and credit card from Bob Stoops' home (then used the card) are at it again, this time employing a little help from a few friends.

Try to contain your surprise, but they didn't get away with it. The 20-year-old girlfriend of the juvenile accused of the crime against Stoops was caught trying to break him out of the juvenile detention center. She was arrested with a handful of juveniles apparently trying to execute an escape plan centered around hedge trimmers and some high-tech disguises.

From SoonerNation:

According to the affidavit, the juvenile called Maurey on July 2 from the Alan J. Couch detention center and asked her to help him escape. Maurey, three other male juveniles and one female then got a hedge trimmer and drove together to the detention center. Maurey gave the male juveniles bandanas to conceal their identities, then left to go get gas with the female juvenile, the affidavit said.

While Maurey was away, a detention center employee saw someone peeking around the corner of a building inside the fence. Once seen, that subject hopped the fence and ran off, leaving behind the hedge cutters, which the employee found.

When Maurey returned to the facility, Norman police already had arrived on the scene and arrested her and three of the juveniles. The fourth juvenile who ran off was later picked up in Moore, Okla.

Please give these people a reality TV show.