Forcing turnovers key for Sooners in 2013

Aaron Colvin slowly crept closer and closer to the line of scrimmage as Texas Tech quarterback Seth Doege scanned the Oklahoma defense. As the ball was snapped, the Sooners’ cornerback blitzed Doege. Noticing Doege was poised to make a quick throw to his hot receiver, Colvin leapt into the air to snatch the interception.

Colvin's singular, exceptional play was a terrific example of the spark behind the best three-game stretch of the 2012 season for the Sooners’ defense. While Oklahoma’s defense experienced more than its share of struggles last season, the Sooners did have a three-game stretch against Texas Tech, Texas and Kansas that had Sooner Nation convinced that Mike Stoops had returned with a vengeance. While it’s true that none of those offenses finished higher than fourth in the Big 12 in scoring or total offense, it was still an impressive stretch by OU that provided a glimpse at how the Sooners’ could be more successful this season.