Chat: Baylor offense, Mayfield & more

Thanks for all your questions in today's chat. Here's where you can find the full transcript. Got more to say? Send it to the mailbag, and you could see it on the Big 12 blog on Friday:

Jeff (Little Elm, TX): It's early, but is Baylor's offense the best in the nation?

Jake Trotter: Too soon to tell. Remember, we were saying the same things about West Virginia last year, then they got to a tough part of their schedule. Baylor has been VERY impressive so far. I'm a believer. But I also want to see them do it against a Top 25 opponent.

Stephanie (Houston): Is winning out and taking the Big 12 title the only scenario that would allow Mack Brown to return next season?

Jake Trotter: Has to beat OU. Has to come reasonably close to winning the Big 12. 8-4 won't get it done for him this year.

Jon (Atlanta): Biggest surprise team in the Big 12, so far?

Jake Trotter: Texas Tech. Raiders have been very impressive offensively, and the [Kliff] Kingsbury/[Baker]Mayfield attack has been fun to watch. Big game Thursday.

Brian (Austin): Is it too soon for me to start drinking the Baylor Kool-Aid? I know it was Wofford and Buffalo, but is this our magical Northwestern-Rose Bowl year?

Jake Trotter: It's too early. The offense is legit, but is the defense good enough for this team to contend? I don't know the answer. Baylor should be 7-0 when OU comes to Waco. That will be the game that will tell us a lot about the Bears.

Mountaineer (Morgantown): How many TD passes do you think Clint Trickett will throw on Saturday?

Jake Trotter: Think he plays a lot. I'll say two, which would double WV's total so far this season.

Chris (Austin): Is there any way you can see Texas winning more than 7 games? Also, how far is this team from competing again if Mack is gone after this year?

Jake Trotter: Let's look at the schedule: Ole Miss, OU, at TCU, OSU, Tech, at Baylor ... how many of those games would you pick Texas to win? Best case 3? That leaves them at 8-4 still.

Zach (WV): Dana [Holgorsen] has to make a change at QB, right? [Paul] Millard didn't look comfortable at all. He wasn't setting his feet, he was throwing off his backfoot, and running backwards instead of stepping into his throws it seemed like.

Jake Trotter: I was surprised he didn't give Trickett at least a shot in Norman. That offense was going nowhere with Millard in there.

Ben (Fort Worth): How will TCU fare without [Casey] Pachall?

Jake Trotter: They have done well so far. Boykin has been the more effective quarterback.

Damian (California): What player has impressed you so far in the Big 12?

Jake Trotter: B.J. Catalon, Mayfield, Brennan Clay, JW Walsh, everyone on Baylor's offense, Charles Sims, Daniel Sams, Daje Johnson, to name a few.

Caleb (KC, MO): Who do you think should get the start at QB for KSU this weekend?

Jake Trotter: I'd still start [Jake] Waters, but I would play [Daniel] Sams more.