Chat wrap: Big 12's best D, UT, OU/ND

Thanks for all of your questions during my chat. You can find the full transcript here.

Chris Fiegler (Latham,NY) What Big-12 college football team has the best and the worst defense in 2013?

Brandon Chatmon That's an interesting question Chris because I don't think every team has been tested yet. For the best defense, I'm still going to go with TCU for now although I think Oklahoma State and Oklahoma are both better defensively this season. … As far as the worst defense? I'd have to say Iowa State. I don't like what I've seen from the Cyclones' D thus far. There's some talent there but they are so young it could make for a long season in Ames.

Jay (Michigan) How do you see OU/ND playing out?

Brandon Chatmon Jay, I initially had the Notre Dame winning this one. But as the week has gone on I'm starting to give OU the slight advantage. I think the Sooners have more playmakers on offense and I think their defense has improved. There isn't any outcome that would really surprise me though. I don't think we know a whole lot about OU yet.

Dale, the open-minded Sooner fan (<---That blew your mind huh?) People need to start giving it up to Baylor, I think they are the real deal. Dating back to last year, they have won seven straight games with an average margin of victory of 35 points, and three of the games were against K-State, OSU, and UCLA. Yeah their schedule sucks, along with OU and all other Big 12 games played so far (I don't count losses like TCU vs. LSU). I am more worried about OU vs. Baylor than OU vs. Notre Dame, even though OU could easily lose this weekend.

Brandon Chatmon I'm right there with you Dale. There's a bit of denial I have noticed among fans of other Big 12 schools when it comes to Baylor. The Bears are legit and they won't be an easy win for anyone. If that game happened today, I'd be picking Baylor.

Mike P (Greater KC) Any concerns over K-State and the way they played against Texas. … Or was Texas the better team and just outplayed KSU.

Brandon Chatmon Not really. I just think Texas was the better team.

Dominic (Irving Texas.) how much is Mack Brown truly hurting the University of Texas for future recruits and as a program in general?

Brandon Chatmon Not much. Texas will always be able to recruit, that's not a problem. Texas will always be Texas, so that's not a problem either.

Ted Flint (Kansas) Pick one coach to give a speech to get your team fired up for a must win, who is it and why.

Brandon Chatmon Rex Ryan … because I'd like to go get a snack. … But seriously, it would probably be Urban Meyer at Ohio State … in the Big 12? That's tough because of the limited opportunities to see those guys in their element but I'd probably go with Mike Gundy or Paul Rhoads.