Chat wrap: BU/OU, Daje, trap game for TTU?

Thanks for all of your questions during my chat. You can read the full transcript here.

Joy (Arkansas) Based on performances to date, who is the better team, Baylor or Oklahoma?

Brandon ChatmonOU gets the edge thanks to its road win at Notre Dame. It's the best win of the two. But there's no part of me that thinks Baylor cannot beat the Sooners. It should be a great game.

Jennifer (Austin) In your opinion was that a fumble at the end of the UT/Iowa State game? On the replay it didn't sound like the whistle had blown until after the ball was out.

Brandon Chatmon Yes. I thought it was a fumble immediately. The officials thought otherwise.

Papa Bear (BU) I had someone tell me that yeah Baylor scored 73, "but they gave up 42." Twenty-eight of those were against the second team and 7 were due to the muffed punt catch. How real is the Baylor offense that put up crazy numbers against WVU defense that held OU to 16 in Norman and OSU to 21?

Brandon Chatmon Anyone who told you that isn't paying attention Papa Bear. Either that or they're scared to admit Baylor is legit. It's one or the other. Baylor's offense is as legit as it gets.

Gandalf (Middle Earth) Don't you think OU is a little overrated this year? I mean come on anybody in their right mind could see this. 34-0 to LA-M? 16-7 to WV? Even the win over ND (who is VERY overrated, not sure why they are still ranked in the top 25). Just wondering if I am the only who sees this.

Brandon Chatmon I think it is possible but the Sooners are better defensively this season and their win at Notre Dame is the best nonconference win by a Big 12 squad. But, if you've been following my thinking I've consistently said I think they will lose a game in Big 12 play so I'm not convinced they are a dominant, BCS title type team quite yet. We shall see though.

Nathan (Dallas) Brandon, love the work you guys are doing. As a Baylor grad it drives me crazy to constantly hear people blow off our record this year because of any number of reasons. But I get the impression that if the jersey said TCU or Tech or just about any other school no one would think twice about giving them credit as a legit team. Am I totally off base or are people just hung up on the fact that it's BAYLOR doing this and not UT or OU?

Brandon Chatmon I think that is definitely part of it. I think there are some people who simply don't want to admit that Baylor is for real, they just have something against the Bears for some reason. But anyone who has seen them play, seen how they pick apart teams with relentless efficiency, they know Baylor is legit and can contend for a Big 12, even BCS title if things fall right and they continue to play this way.

Daje Johnson (Austin) Do you think I will actually be utilized like I should this Saturday?

Brandon Chatmon No, Daje, I don't. It's unfortunate too because you're one of the most explosive players in the ENTIRE LEAGUE. Sorry, I dunno what to tell ya.

Will Muschamp (Gainesville) Why hasn’t my name come up on the Texas head coaching job rumors?!?!?!? I was successful there, better that Diaz guy!!

Brandon Chatmon Maybe they're scared you're mad at them? Judging by your use of exclamation points you are.

Big Ferm (San Diego) Brandon, OU and Baylor have both played WVU and ULM. An apples to apples comparison of the results of those games should show who the clear Big 12 favorite is. Thoughts?

Brandon Chatmon That's true. If I based things strictly off those games, then Baylor is the clear favorite. I do not however. I still have OU as the favorite but let's not pretend I would mark it down in pen instead of pencil. The Bears are just as good as the Sooners, I just think OU has the better defense so they get the edge as of right now.

John (Houston) Baylor keeps getting hyped with an offense that just won't quit, and rightly so. And everyone talks about how they better watch out for Texas Tech as a trap game, but what about TCU? They have probably the best cover secondary in the Big 12. Don't you think they will make it very difficult for Baylor to get a W?

Brandon Chatmon I think they will make it difficult but let's say TCU has a great game against Baylor and say they hold BU to four touchdowns, one per quarter. Can TCU score enough to beat them? I don't think so, at least not based off what I've seen from the Horned Frogs offense lately. So, I'd imagine, that's why people don't bring up TCU as a stumbling block.

Tony (Richmond, CA) Who are your Big XII offensive and defensive MVPs?

Brandon Chatmon Lache Seastrunk and Ben Heeney from Kansas (gasp!)

Rett (Oregon) Should stats vs. rent-a-win teams count for a player-team? Does running up the score against terrible competition really prove anything accept that the competition is terrible?

Brandon Chatmon Yes. Because not everybody does that (or can do that for that matter).

Tyler (San Antonio) Do you see this week's game against Iowa State as a possible trap game for Tech? 11 o'clock kickoffs are tough to get up for student body wise, and let’s not forget what happened last time the Cyclones rolled into Lubbock.

Brandon Chatmon Interesting that you say that Tyler because that game is one I will keep an eye on. I expect Texas Tech to win but if they don't get out early on the Cyclones I could see it being a closer game than many would expect. I still pick the Red Raiders though, their defense can pull them through, I think.