Chat wrap: Bedlam, Baylor, Brown, bowls

Thanks for all your questions in today's chat. Here's where you can find the full transcript. Got more to say? Send it to the mailbag and you could see it on the Big 12 blog Friday:

Taylor (Kansas): OK, so I know I was a little down on my Sooners heading into Stillwater. And you offered some kind words of encouragement that eased my thoughts and lo and behold they pulled it off. Now, can you offer me some more support for the Sugar Bowl? I'm not sure they will score! Bama has a chip on their shoulder and I feel like they are going to take it out on anyone and everyone in their way.

Jake Trotter: The one thing OU might have going its way in this game is... does Bama care? The last time Bama just missed out on the title game, it lost to Utah in the Sugar Bowl. If Bama comes out flat, OU might have a chance. If Bama comes out ready to play with a chip on its shoulder…

Mike (Jacksonville): What are the chances Mack Brown steps down before the bowl game?

Jake Trotter: I would say better than 50 percent. But one thing the Texas brass needs to consider if they push for Mack's resignation is, who will they replace him with? If you're going to push a coach like Mack out, who's done a lot for the university and pulled it out of the doldrums in the '90s, then you'd better have somebody lined up.

Nick (Texas): The Big 12 will have a losing bowl record: Agree or disagree?

Jake Trotter: Agree. Gonna be very difficult for OU, Texas and Tech to win. One will need to to give the league a chance at a winning record.

Dave (Orange County): Who do you think has a better all-time program? OU or Alabama?

Jake Trotter: When ranking all-time programs, I go, 1. Notre Dame, 2. Alabama, 3. OU, 4. Ohio State, 5. Michigan.

Levi Farmer (Tulsa, OK): OU loses a lot of RB depth with the senior class. Who is in line to step up and start next year?

Jake Trotter: It will be the Keith Ford show.

JFB (DFW): How does [Bryce] Petty not get an invite when you compare his numbers and "character" to other invitees?

Jake Trotter: Petty's campaign was very similar to Brandon Weeden's back in 2011. Just when Weeden's candidacy was rolling, OSU lost to Iowa State. Just when Petty was getting into the top 3, Baylor was smoked by OSU. Petty has another year, and he will be on everyone's radar this time going into the season.

Dave (Atlanta): Any update on how Trevor Knight's doing?

Jake Trotter: He is fine. Dislocated shoulder on his non-throwing side. Will be back for the bowl.

Jason (Cincinnati): The last time we spoke, I mentioned how I was worried about the ISU visit to Morgantown and you mentioned WVU was a different team at home. Yet WVU suffered another meltdown after a 31-7 lead. We are making the Big 12 look really bad and this is not WVU football. Mountaineer nation is losing faith in the staff. What is really wrong in Morgantown?

Jake Trotter: Talent, coaching, mentality... it's a lot of things.

Ryan (Bear Country): Not that it matters anymore, but still don't understand how a two-loss Stanford team is ranked higher than a one-loss Baylor squad (granted, we did get blown out by OSU). Is it just the brand?

Jake Trotter: Stanford has seven Top 25 wins. Baylor has two.

Andrew (Houston): Do you think Lache Seastrunk is coming back? Early in the year it looked like there wasn't a chance... but late in the year he hurt his draft stock. I think he is back and BU is a top-5 team in the country again.

Jake Trotter: I think Lache comes back. That would be the best backfield in the Big 12 again, with Petty.

Tom (Dallas): Jake, would you please be so kind and remind Texas Tech and TCU that Baylor has a Big 12 championship and they don't.

Jake Trotter: Ouch.

Fred (Lubbock): Trotter, what's more impressive, our two-decades-plus of consistently winning or Baylor's miserable little Big 12 championship during a horribly down year in the conference?

Jake Trotter: Here we go again...