Chat wrap: Mack Brown, Baylor, Bedlam

Thanks for the questions during my chat. You can find the full transcript here.

Stability, Please (Austin-ish) In his tenure at Texas, Mack Brown has garnered a national championship, the 09 Big XII title, another 4 Big XII South titles, 15 bowl appearances, and this year came within a game of winning the Big XII outright. If UT fires/retires him, doesn't that just repeat the blunder Texas made when they fired Fred Akers and entered the Dark Ages for a decade?

Brandon Chatmon The potential for that to happen is there, no question. I'd agree sometimes you don't realize how good you have it until things change. It all depends on who would be the replacement hire.

Coach Claus (North Arctic State) OK, so I gave FSU and Auburn a chance at the NC, I gave millions of fans what they wanted and kept 'Bama out of the NC, the Buckeyes were on the naughty list so I gave them coal from Michigan State, I gave a couple schools their first-ever BCS bowls. What's left on the list?

Brandon Chatmon My million dollar check. I haven't got that yet, but you have until the 25th, Coach Claus, so make it happen.

Bobby (Waco) Bedlam obviously shuffled the BCS slots a bit, but do you think Baylor would have a better chance against Alabama than OU?

Brandon Chatmon Probably. The Baylor Bears are the Big 12 champions for a reason.

Tony (Richmond, CA) How surprised are you that OU left Stillwater with a victory?

Brandon Chatmon I was very surprised. Particularly with the way they did it, having the offense cruise down the field at the end. Impressive win for the Sooners.

Chuck (WVU) The Mountaineers play a pretty tough schedule next year. What record does Dana Holgorsen have to get to keep his job? If we go bowling, I think he stays. Even we if we go 5-7 and are competitive against the top schools, I think he still might get another year. Your thoughts?

Brandon Chatmon I think WVU needs to make a bowl game next season, so 6-6. I like the young players on the roster but they really need a quarterback. I do think Holgorsen is a good guy for the job though, he understands what it takes to win, particularly in the Big 12. I wouldn't be in a hurry to cast him aside if I'm WVU.

Joseph (Minnesota) When the Big 12 has a high scoring game, there is no defense. When the SEC has a high scoring games, then it is just a great football game with great offenses. What gives?

Brandon Chatmon I've wondered the same thing. Though I don't really hear people trying to play the "SEC defense is second to none" card too much anymore.

Chase (Dallas) Gaze into your crystal ball and tell was what the Big 12 record will be for the bowl games.

Brandon Chatmon Good question, I'll say 3-3 but could easily be 1-5 in my opinion. Baylor is my lone lock.