Big 12 mailbag

In today's mailbag, we discuss TCU's new offensive coordinator, bowl matchups and the 2014 season.

To the 'bag:

Christopher Driskell in Shawnee, Okla., writes: If Nick Saban decides that UT is the place for him, then where does that put Texas, as far as winning against OU?

Trotter: I can tell you, there are powerful people at OU paying close attention to this Saban saga. A hire like that would force OU to raise its game, and probably fast-track some facility projects -- like the west side stadium renovation --- that have been discussed.

Ross in Dallas writes: What do you think about TCU's new offensive coordinator? Will the Frogs be the next Big 12 team to adopt a run-and-shoot/air raid offense?

Trotter: That is Doug Meachem’s background. I’m not sure TCU has the personnel -- especially at receiver -- to go full air raid off the bat. But Gary Patterson brought Meachem in to spread the field and throw the ball.

Will in DFW writes: Hey Jake, first time asker here, and I like your input and attitude ... anyways ... it might be a tad early, but (if you had to choose right now) what would your preseason picks for the Big 12 look like next year?

Trotter: I like your attitude, too, Will. Right now, I would put Baylor and OU at the top, followed by either Oklahoma State or Texas, depending on how their quarterback situations shake out.

Bleed crimson in Dallas writes: What is the outlook on OU's running game for next season?

Trotter: Keith Ford will be the starter and Alex Ross will be his backup.

Jordan Shipley in Fort Worth, Texas, writes: Do you think with a better quarterback, that my little brother Jaxon could potentially be better than me?

Trotter: No. Jaxon is a good player. You were a great player.

Sooner Nation in Norman, Okla., writes: Could you ask the folks in Stillwater and Waco to get back to us when they've had more than five years of success?

Trotter: Be careful what you wish for.

J.H. in San Antonio writes: Jake, what is your gut feeling on who starts at QB against Alabama for the Sooners? And what are you hearing on Trevor Knight's shoulder?

Jake Trotter: I’m told Knight should be fine for the bowl after suffering a dislocated shoulder on his non-throwing side. I think Knight starts, and the Sooners use Blake Bell the way they did in Bedlam -- as a wrinkle off the bench.

Chiroman in Stillwater, Okla., writes: Can J.W. Walsh step up to the challenge next year or will we see another QB or a juco transfer?

Trotter: I actually think there’s a decent chance true freshman Mason Rudolph wins the starting job. Rudolph is the No. 8 QB recruit in the country, and threw eight touchdown passes in his state title game in South Carolina. He could be Oklahoma State’s long-term answer at QB.

The Dude at UT writes: What's it gonna take for the Horns to take down the Ducks in the Alamo Bowl? And don't say "a miracle." That's a cop out. The Dude Abides, man.

Trotter: The Horns are going to have to score points, because you know Oregon will. That will require Texas getting the running game going, and Case McCoy throwing dimes downfield like he did in the Oklahoma game. And if that doesn’t happen, then a miracle will be required.

T.J. in Goodwell, Okla., writes: Hey diehard Oklahoma State fan here. I love Coach (Mike) Gundy to death, but that 1-8 record to the school down south is not good. Does he need to beat OU next year to keep his job?

Trotter: The record is not good, but in no way is Gundy’s job in jeopardy. That said, if Oklahoma State is going to ever make the jump to the next level, the Cowboys have to starting beating OU more than once a decade.

KSU fan in Manhattan, Kan., writes: Daily reader of the blog and thoroughly enjoy it! What was the thought process of skipping over Nebraska for the Buffalo Wild Wings bowl? Wouldn't a KSU v. NU game draw significantly more attention than the KSU v. Michigan game?

Trotter: I’m with you, I would have been more interested in a K-State-Nebraska bowl. But apparently, the Buffalo Wild Wings thought ticket sales would be better with Michigan there.

Matt in Texas writes: Can you please tell my fellow Red Raiders to calm down and let Baylor enjoy their Big 12 championship? It is making the rest of us Red Raiders look bad. Baylor had a heck of a year. Congrats, and Baylor, don't listen to the idiots talking smack, they are probably just jealous.

Trotter: See? We can all get along.