Forbes: Texas is most valuable program

Texas might not have Nick Saban. But the Longhorns have the most valuable college football program in the country, according to Forbes.

The Longhorns are now worth $139 million, almost 20 percent more than any other team in the country. Texas has been Forbes' most valuable college football program since 2009 when it finally passed Notre Dame.

Last year Texas had an income of $109 million; no other team made more than $90 million. According to Forbes, the biggest source of revenue was ticket sales, which contributed $34.5 million last season, an increase of more than $2 million from the previous year, despite an 8-4 season. Texas football also collected $30 million from contributions and another $15 million from Big 12 and NCAA distributions.

Texas, however, wasn't the only Big 12 program to make Forbes' top 10.

Oklahoma jumped to No. 7 ($92 million), due to increased ticket sales and conference distributions that boosted revenue by $10 million over the previous year.

Forbes' top 10:

1. Texas ($139 million)

2. Notre Dame ($117 million)

3. Alabama ($110 million)

4. LSU ($105 million)

5. Michigan ($104 million)

6. Florida ($94 million),

7. Oklahoma ($92 million)

8. Georgia ($91 million)

9. Ohio State ($83 million)

10. Nebraska ($80 million)