Chat wrap: Weis' future, Sams' move

Thanks for the questions during my chat. You can read the full transcript here.

Jordan (South Florida): How many more years does Charlie Weis have as the Jayhawks head coach?

Brandon Chatmon: I'd say at least a year or two. I don't think just changing coaches over and over and over is the answer. And I think the Jayhawks showed some positive signs this season. I don't expect anyone to just be able to turn KU around on a dime.

Drew (NY): What are your thoughts on the Michigan vs K-State game after the recent QB news?

Brandon Chatmon: I felt like Kansas State would win all along, so with Michigan naming Shane Morris, a true freshman, to start at QB, I feel pretty good about my pick. I don't expect the Wildcats to cruise to a win or anything, but I do expect them to snap that long bowl losing streak.

Matt (St. Paul): Watching some of the bowl games this year, what I've noticed is small crowds, lackluster play, and a general apathy to the non-BCS bowls. My question is... is the bowl system that we currently have broken and unfixable? It just seems like the idea of going to a bowl doesn't hold the excitement and draw that it used to. Time to scrap the whole thing?

Brandon Chatmon: No, I don't think so. Everyone likes bowl games and enjoys watching them during the holiday season, thus I don't see them going anywhere despite the trends you mention. They're great, live television entertainment during these two weeks.

tater (manhattan): With Daniel Sams recent comments about switching to WR next year, do you think Bill [Snyder] will go for this? Who would be [Jake] Waters backup next year if this happened?

Brandon Chatmon: I think Sams could do both, play receiver and remain the backup. I think the bottom line is Daniel Sams is too talented to keep on the sideline and Waters brings a lot to the table also. So, in other words, both guys are part of KSU's best 11, so I'd think Snyder will find creative ways to take advantage of that. And for Sams, he's got to see the writing on the wall and understand if he wants to play in the NFL, a move to WR would be in the cards. So why not start now?

DClayton (Gulfport): Although TTU's season could be considered a disappointment to some, being the true Red Raider that I am, what do you thing of the recruits so far and our hopes for next year.

Brandon Chatmon: There's still a ways to go before this recruiting class is done but I like what the Red Raiders are doing thus far, particularly [Byron] Daniels and [Justin] Stockton. I think they can be future playmakers in Kingsbury's offense.

Derrin (Plano, TX): Do you think both Aaron Colvin and Justin Gilbert are gone by the end of the second round?

Brandon Chatmon: Gilbert will be gone on day 1. Colvin could go second round, particularly if he runs well. As a Broncos fan, I'd love to see either guy in Denver. I think those are two quality pro cornerbacks for the next few years.