Mailbag: West Virginia, K-State, Mixon

In today's mailbag, we discuss expansion (again), Kansas State airing it out and light at the end of the West Virginia tunnel.

To the 'bag:

James Imes in Oklahoma City writes: Do you think the 10-second runoff rule will pass? And what effect would it have on the Big 12.

Jake Trotter: The rule would be devastating to the Big 12, since it would hurt every team in the league not coached by Bill Snyder. But I would be stunned if it passed. This week, ESPN’s Brett McMurphy polled every head coach at the FBS level, and only 25 (of 128) favored the rule proposal.

David. C. Moore in Salt Lake City writes: Of the Big 5 leagues, the Big 12 perpetually had the most expansion/implosion rumors flying around. With new leadership at Texas, what are the odds we start hearing expansion rumors of Cincinnati, Houston, SMU or BYU being invited to the Big 12?

Trotter: Unlikely, at least for now. There’s been no indication the new leadership at Texas has an interest in Big 12 expansion.

Bryan in Norman, Okla., writes: I've heard Joe Mixon is the next A.D. -- do you think that’s true?

Trotter: There’s only one Adrian Peterson. If Mixon turns out to be half as good as Peterson, then OU will have a player.

Mark in Snyderville, U.S.A., writes: I'm not sure I like this talk about K-State having a great WR corps. I felt like we lost a shot at the national (title) in 2012 against Baylor because "The Wizard" started to get too pass happy. We've built our success leaning slightly more toward the run. I like Jake Waters and what I've seen from him, but I'm not sold on the fact that passing more is the way to go here.

Trotter: Sorry, you have the best wide receiver in the conference in Tyler Lockett. He needs the ball, and he has a quarterback that can get it to him. Deal with it. K-State will always be a run-first team. But you have to play to your strengths, and the strength of this team is Waters throwing to Lockett.

Doug T. in Philly writes: My beloved Mounties might be in for another loooong season just because this is possibly the most brutal schedule we've ever had to play. But this year's recruiting class has some serious potential, and we’re off to a great start in the 2015 class. Is it just me or does the future look pretty bright despite this rough stretch we're in?

Trotter: It’s not just you. It’s going to be difficult -- if not borderline impossible -- for West Virginia to win more than seven games next season. But there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Tom Bradley was a tremendous hire, and I believe he and Tony Gibson will usher in a higher level of performance on the defensive side. Offensively, despite the mediocre play on the field, the Mountaineers have been thriving, recruiting quality skill talents who want to play in Dana Holgorsen’s scheme. Just this month, they signed two ESPN 300 WRs, an ESPN 300 running back and a four-star quarterback. I expect the Mountaineers to struggle against a brutal schedule this season, but this could be a quality team in 2015. It will be interesting to see how much athletic director Oliver Luck takes that into consideration when evaluating Holgorsen in the event of another lackluster season.

Bill in Oklahoma writes: Could you answer me why people get so upset about your position breakdowns?

Trotter: I was hoping you could tell me. Oh well.