Best case, worst case: Oklahoma

On Monday, we started our series on the best-case and worst-case scenarios for each Big 12 team.

The premise of these fun posts is to take a look at what the season might look like if everything fell into place for each school, the best-case scenario for 2014. Conversely, we'll also show what might happen if everything goes wrong, the worst-case scenario.

We continue the series with Oklahoma.


The Sugar Bowl never ended.

OK, well, that’s taking things a bit far, but the Sooners open the season as if their 45-31 thrashing of Alabama is destined to end up on the lower end of their list of accomplishments in 2014.

OU begins the 2014 season with three consecutive wins, including a 30-point home blowout of Tennessee, its second win over an SEC team in four games. Bob Stoops’ postgame news conference lasts less than a minute as the Sooners’ veteran coach, tired of being asked about the SEC, says, “Maybe you guys should stop asking me about the SEC and start asking the SEC about me.” He promptly drops the mic and walks out.

Stoops' team rallies behind its CEO, winning three straight games away from home with West Virginia, TCU and Texas each coming up short against the Sooners.

Trevor Knight starts to emerge as one of the Heisman Trophy frontrunners as the season hits the midway point. The sophomore is one of the most consistent quarterbacks in the nation, joining Bryce Petty as the driving force in restoring the Big 12’s reputation for elite quarterbacks.

Wins over Kansas State and Iowa State result in the Sooners entering a early November showdown with Baylor with an undefeated record. The labels for this battle are endless -- “offense vs. defense,” “old school vs. new school” and “tradition vs. up-and-coming” are just a few of the labels being attached to the showdown.

Much like the Sugar Bowl, OU’s defense wins the day against the Bears, with a late-game sack by Eric Striker sealing a Sooners victory. OU narrowly escapes an upset bid by Kliff Kingsbury’s Texas Tech squad then rattles off wins over Kansas and Oklahoma State, earning a CFB playoff berth.

Controversy overshadows OU’s semifinal win over Florida State after it is revealed that Sooners fans had been sending a pound of crab legs to Seminoles quarterback Jameis Winston every day since the matchup was announced, and the Seminoles admit it became a distraction during playoff preparations. Sooners fans smile.

Oklahoma meets Auburn in the title game and the Sooners defense stands up to the test again, giving the Sooners their eighth national title. Knight ends the season as a Heisman Trophy finalist and clear frontrunner for 2015.


After a 2-0 start, Tennessee comes into Oklahoma Memorial Stadium and gives the Sooners’ College Football Playoff hopes a major setback with an upset win. The “S-E-C, S-E-C” chant doesn’t go over well in Norman, and local politicians implement a policy shortly thereafter that outlaws the chant in Norman city limits.

Fans of SEC schools unite and send one fan to Norman every day for a year with the sole purpose of breaking that law. The social media account labeled “Started in the SEC now we here” documents the daily forays into the city and quickly jumps to 850,000 followers by mid-October.

Meanwhile, OU rallies with back-to-back victories over West Virginia and TCU before another Red River blowout at the hands of Charlie Strong’s Texas squad. Strong cements his popularity in Texas afterward by stating, “I thought it was going to be harder than this.”

The Sooners rattle off two more wins before Baylor comes into Norman and leaves with its third victory over OU in four seasons. Kingsbury’s squad hands the Sooners their second straight loss the following week.

OU enters Bedlam with a 7-4 mark and questions about what went wrong. Things get even worse for the Sooners as the Pokes leave Norman with an upset win, leaving the Sooners without bragging rights over the SEC, the Longhorns or Cowboys for the next year.

Sooners fans express their displeasure by purchasing only 5,000 tickets to the Texas Bowl, where OU saves a little face by knocking off Ole Miss in an ugly, turnover-filled game.

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