Chat Leftovers: OU secondary in 2012

SoonerNation writer Jake Trotter chatted with readers Monday. Here's the full transcript. If you didn't get your question answered, send it to Jake's mailbag to be published on Friday.

Here are a few highlights from his chat:

Jack (Dallas): How do you see the secondary shaping up next year? The secondary seemed to be much more consistent with Tony Jefferson at safety above Javon Harris and Sam Proctor.

Jake Trotter: OU would love to put Jefferson back at nickelback, but I'm not so sure they can afford to. If I had to predict, the start DBs next year would be Everett/Hurst at CB, Jefferson/Colvin at safety, Ibiloye at NB. But don't write off Harris yet. I see him getting another chance down the line.

Ben (Iowa): Do you think Mike Stoops will be back? How soon if so?

Jake Trotter: Nothing new on the Mike Stoops front, and I don't think we'll hear much until if/when an OU assistant leaves. That will be the sign that something is about to happen. I will say Mike was pretty chummy with the OU coaches/players/admins during the Insight Bowl. Nothing I saw in Phoenix made me believe Mike to OU wouldn't happen.

OUFlyer (Denver): Can you give us your take on Mario Edwards' comments from his visit?

Jake Trotter: I think it reflected poorly on OU. It's a very bad sign when players on your own team are doing the negative recruiting. Better believe, coaches from other schools are going to be using Edwards' comments against the Sooners with other players.

Scott (Austin): Do you think if Landry Jones goes pro that Blake Bell will beat out Drew Allen for the starter?

Jake Trotter: Not necessarily. I got the impression this week there are many people on this team who believe Drew Allen would win the competition if it were held now. Bell is a special runner, but Allen has a firmer grasp of the offense and is the better passer right now. The upside to starting Allen is that you could still play Bell with the Belldozer, too. Bell is capable of winning the job. But right now, Allen might have the edge.

Drake Plotter (Oklahoma): What person transferring away impacts the team most next season?

Jake Trotter: Assuming no one else transfers, Brandon Williams. There was a reason why OU tried to talk him out of transferring. Austin Haywood is a big loss, too, because OU has no one else returning at tight end.