Bobby Jack Wright on OU's defensive ends

Defensive ends coach Bobby Jack Wright weighs in on Oklahoma’s defensive end signing class:

Charles Tapper: “He’s a heck of an athlete. He’s a big guy, very athletic, really good basketball player. He averages about three dunks a game for his high school team. Has got great speed, good explosion and a really good pass rusher.”

Michael Onuoha: “He’s a really interesting guy. Very athletic, came on kind of late, we got on him late, but were fortunate to get him to be a Sooner. Explosive guy, very athletic, a lot of speed. Very raw talent, has a lot of learning to do, lot of technique to learn. He has a lot of upside. Long and lean and very quick.”

Chaz Nelson: “Really good player, explosive guy. Brings a little more speed to our defensive end unit than maybe we’ve had in the past. Think he’s got a great chance to be very, very productive here.”