Lon Kruger's demeanor impresses players

Lon Kruger has had plenty of opportunities to lose his cool as Oklahoma has fallen to 3-10 in Big 12 Conference play this season.

Yet the Sooners’ first-year coach has remained unfazed whether his team is playing well or struggling.

“He doesn’t change,” point guard Sam Grooms said. “And you want to play for him because of that. He comes in every day with the same attitude. He wants to work, he wants to get better.”

It’s a sign of the laid-back approach of a veteran coach with NBA experience.

“With the resume he has, you could expect him to go crazy when you’re losing,” said Grooms of Kruger, who coached the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks from 2000-2003. “It’s a little different. He’s laid back, most coaches would go crazy, he doesn’t do that. He sits you down, gives you a dignified speech and expects you to respond.”

And the approach has rubbed off on Grooms, who had this to say when asked about the Sooners’ four-game losing streak.

“You just have to stay even-keeled. You’re going to have highs, you’re going to have lows. You get to low, you might sink, you get to high, you might fly, we’ll be all right.”